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Enable Digital Work
Office365 Adoption

Office365 Adoption

Companies that migrate to Office 365 face two huge challenges: their employees need to suddenly use cloud services and, even more seriously, they need to familiarise themselves with some new collaborative work methods. Beck et al. will manage the entire migration for you and help to establish a mindset for digitally-supported teamwork to make use of all the benefits the new platform has to offer.

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Digital Work Hub

Digital Work Hub

The Digital Work Hub is the first point of contact for digital work within a company. Like a competence centre, employees consult the hub, if they have any questions or need help with digital tasks. The Digital Work Hub provides information material, actively supports coaches and passes on experiences. A helpdesk designed as a walk-in lounge rounds off this digital means of entry developed by Beck et al..

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Digital Workout “Collaboration Scouts”

Digital Workout “Collaboration Scouts”

We learn how to work digitally in a hands-on approach rather than in classrooms. First, we try things out in a protected environment (workout) before implementing our ideas into our daily work supported by colleagues who have a little more experience. Beck et al designs, coaches and accompanies this collaborative type of immersive learning. This way of learning ensures that digital work/behaviour is embedded very quickly into the ‘muscle memory’ becoming as automatic as breathing, swimming or putting one foot in front of another.

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Digital Maturity Check

Digital Maturity Check

The Digital Maturity Check helps you identify where your company can start to improve its abilities in the fields of organisation, technology and data with respect to the digital toolset, skillset and mindset.

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Shape a flexible IT
Maximise Multi-cloud Cost Optimisation and Cloud Governance

Maximise Multi-cloud Cost Optimisation and Cloud Governance

Beck et al., in cooperation with CloudHealth, provides three different plans, Basic, Pro and Enterprise, to streamline the management and cost of your company cloud whilst meeting organisational requirements. Not just any tool, we provide real service at all stages of your successful multi-cloud journey; from comprehensive on-boarding to continued guidance and recommendations.

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Modernisation of the cloud

Modernisation of the cloud

Legacy IT is not always a bad thing. Just because services or applications are in the cloud does not necessarily mean that performance is better. We show you how to enter the cloud world and why this is worth your while – regardless of your starting position, but always with the goal of being as effective as possible.

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Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance

Cloud computing quickly becomes unmanageable. If various services are procured from different providers, or are even mixed with on-premise applications, it is especially important that there are clear (central) guidelines and structures that ensure compliance with the rules. Thanks to its experience with many cloud projects, Beck et al. offers support on how to create solid structures without becoming top heavy.

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Serverless & Container

Serverless & Container

Serverless computing and container virtualisation bring about very granular, independent and elastic components that behave like microservices. Business applications comprised in this way are also very flexible and can be easily modified. However, the development and operation of these many ‘moving parts’ pose huge challenges to companies. Our specialists help you to master them.

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Hybrid Cloud Environments

Hybrid Cloud Environments

Hybrid cloud environments, i.e. a mix of IT infrastructures within the computer centre with infrastructures of various cloud providers, make the IT structure of a company more flexible, scalable and ultimately less expensive. But they are more complex. In particular, communication and collaboration effort increases. We can help you realise your ideal operating model for the hybrid cloud world.

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Form Data to Results
AI based research

AI based research

Checking whether applications and cloud services, desktops and networks function smoothly is one of the more tedious tasks carried out by IT operations and the service desk. This task is only really smart, if the monitoring acts proactively and counters potential bottlenecks and malfunctions. It then has an actual impact on business because uninterrupted IT operations are much more cost-effective and efficient. Beck et al. makes your monitoring smart.

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Social Media Intelligence (with NLP)

Social Media Intelligence (with NLP)

For some time, classic analysis methods and conventional algorithms have proven inadequate for publicly accessible information from social media and other sources. We simply cannot see the woods for trees. Beck et al. uses AI and natural language processing (NLP) to analysis this myriad of data and find out, for instance, what is actually being said about companies, trends, technologies and political decisions in social media.

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This stands for artificial Intelligence (for) Operations. Similar to predictive maintenance, it monitors all operations in the company and predicts potential failures and bottlenecks so that corrective action can be taken before irregularities occur. Beck et al. helps companies to implement the monitoring system and also to define the relevant criteria.

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Alarm bus

Alarm bus

The alarm bus is based on the intelligent security, analytics and monitoring platform Splunk. This Beck et al. cloud service provides an overview of the state of your IT landscape in real time, forecasts future system behaviour and, if there is a threat of nonconformities, it sounds an alarm. This service can also be used for machines and production lines that are connected to the Internet.

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Digital transformation in the aviation industry: Evolutionary instead of disruptive

Beck et al. developed and implemented a concept for a large aerospace group that enables staff to learn digital work quickly and also spreads the know-how almost virally.

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Digital services: the seeds of success

The digital transformation is in full swing in the agricultural sector, where several spectacular achievements have already been made in the field of digitalisation, including the digital service platform myKWS, which has been developed by the international seed specialist KWS SAAT. The platform is a prime example of a modern cloud project that ensures greater sustainability in agriculture. It just goes to show how a customer (KWS), cloud service provider (Beck et al.) and a provider (Amazon Web Services) can all work hand in hand to provide digital services to a large target market (farmers around the world).

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Media and entertainment

AWS cloud prevents boredom on board

Like Axinom, who moved its content management for inflight systems into the cloud in a flexible, scalable and safe manner, and then modernised it.

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Premium services for sugar beet farmers

The sugar beet grower Betaseed not only offers its farmers seeds, it also provides a wide range of web services that Beck et al. migrated in an optimum form into the AWS Cloud.

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Operation Analytics: Finding errors more quickly by consolidating causes

Beck et al. installed an IT monitoring system that is able to identify errors ten times more quickly than before for a large automotive supplier that has a workforce of 70,000.

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Top management

Social Media Intelligence: AI mines valuable information

Beck et al. uses AI to analyse social media postings, allowing it to create very precise reputation ranking lists for customers.

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Digital services: the seeds of success

Industry: Agriculture


The digital transformation is in full swing in the agricultural sector, where several spectacular achievements have already been made in the field of digitalisation, including the digital service platform myKWS, which has been developed by the international seed specialist KWS SAAT. The platform is a prime example of a modern cloud project that ensures greater sustainability in agriculture. It just goes to show how a customer (KWS), cloud service provider (Beck et al.) and a provider (Amazon Web Services) can all work hand in hand to provide digital services to a large target market (farmers around the world). The platform enables farmers to significantly and sustainably increase their crop yields.

Digitale Services für mehr Ertrag
Digitale Services für mehr Ertrag

KWS was

founded in


and is based in Germany



KWS is a global player with cultivation stations and sales offices in over 70 countries

KWS is the



seed supplier in the world



in sales

The KWS vision:
A global platform
for smart farming services

The task

KWS SAAT, the world’s fourth largest supplier of seeds, wants to offer farmers digital services to help them sustainably improve their crop yields. The range of services will cover the entire agricultural lifecycle, from sowing to harvest. For example, farmers will be able to access local satellite-based weather data, monitor the vitality of their fields, receive digital recommendations for the most suitable seeds for their fields and find out the best harvest time for their crops. As KWS had to launch the services in just a few weeks, the services have been developed by external digital developers, the infrastructure and development platform have been created by a public cloud provider, and everything has been integrated and orchestrated by a technology partner.

Our approach

Beck et al. has been the technology partner from the very beginning, acting as the architect, orchestrator, gatekeeper and operator of the myKWS technical platform. The services were initially added to the AWS cloud as instance-based workloads, where they were connected and managed in such a way that they could be delivered via the web. In order to meet increasing performance and cost requirements, however, almost all services have since been converted to cloud-native formats (Lambda applications). Beck et al. is also advising digital agencies and showing them how their services can best be implemented on the AWS platform. And if that weren’t enough, Beck et al. is also driving innovation with KWS to make sure the services are always operated within the most technically sensible infrastructures (i.e. as efficient and cost-effectively as possible).

Challenge 1

Time pressure

Develop a digital service platform under high pressure – only two months until launch

The solution

Quickly deployable AWS public cloud services and cloud-native applications

We utilise the flexibility and agility of the public cloud

The migration to the cloud is a completely external process

KWS customers can focus on their core business

Challenge 2


Liaise and coordinate with external solution partners

The solution

Beck et al. is a key player who coordinates various partners

We train our external solution partners (security, compliance)

We teach others about our AWS solutions

We constantly implement new tools

Challenge 3

Cost pressure

This is caused by the instance-based distribution of the workload

The solution

By switching to cloud-native applications and implementing AWS best practices, costs rise more slowly than the number of users

We implement Amazon best practices (DevOps)

We optimise costs and automate processes wherever we can

Our cloud-native solutions reduce costs

The result

A successful idea that makes agriculture more sustainable around the world

MyKWS is a powerful platform that helps farmers achieve exactly that

Reduce fertiliser by up to 20% during cultivation

Increase yield by up to 15% with KWS smart farming services

Factor 6 That is how much Beck et al. was able to reduce the costs of infrastructure services

50.000 farmers out of 25 countries uses myKWS

28 digital services on myKWS

8 years project experience in cloud computing

As the platform is constantly expanded, the number of users is also on the rise. At Beck et al., we are really proud of the fact that we can pull off and continuously develop projects like this in such a short space of time with our cloud partner AWS. “Cloud computing is developing at a rate of knots. The technologies that used to be state of the art are now expensive and outdated, as they can’t utilise the capacities offered by modern platform-as-a-service solutions. Our job is to constantly offer customers the most effective platform at the best price”. That’s exactly why our KWS project manager and cloud architect, Helmut Weiß, has been working hard to successfully transfer KWS services to cloud-native architectures.

We have overcome these challenges with our new technologies:

AWS Services

  • Amazon EC2 Amazon EC2
  • Amazon RDS Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Lambda Amazon Lambda
  • Amazon S3 Amazon S3
  • Amazon EKS Amazon EKS
  • Amazon Codepipeline Amazon Codepipeline

Other technologies

  • Cloudhealth
  • Gitlab

Do you want to offer your customers digital services?

We help our customers implement cloud-based services and infrastructures. We orchestrate, manage and operate them. This is one aspect of our services that allows customers to overhaul, update or simply maintain their critical business systems (disruptively and non-disruptively).

We use a wide range of technologies and approaches, such as cloud-native tools, artificial intelligence, machine learning and modern automation.

Beck et al. has impressed us over and over again with their extensive expertise from conception to introduction, big data to sociology and from implementation to adoption. This interdisciplinary competence, coupled with the involvement in digital networks (which ensures extremely fast learning) is just why the team is so well prepared for the complex tasks in the digital age.

Harald Schirmer
(Continental / Manager Digital Transformation & Change)

Above all, the topic of Digital Transformation and Workplace needs the right mindset to understand where the real challenges lie in the digital age. Siegfried Lautenbacher and his team from Beck et al. can convince here with the right mix of professional competence and the right attitude. The ability to apply this across countries and cultures made them an important partner in the introduction of a global ESN. We also received important impetus in the conception and implementation of our social support strategy, which allowed us to provide flexible and cost-effective support for the cloud-based environment.

Hans-Jürgen Sturm
(Amadeus IT Group / Head Of User Experience & Innovation)

Celine admires the way Beck et al. helps clients walk the talk of digitization in a people-centric way. Beck et al. values Celine's insights and experience on large-scale people engagement.

Celine Schillinger
(Kotter / Affiliate)

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